Silver Award

Silver Arts Award

This a Level 2 Award in the Arts (Regulated Qualifications Framework)

There are 2 units to the Silver Arts Award

Unit 1 : Arts Practice  & Unit 2 : Arts Leadership.

There are no entrance requirements and no set time limit to complete this in. The award will usually take around 60 guided learning hours and 35 independent learning hours.

What Do I do ?

Develop your arts skills and lead activities in the artform of your choice. Explore art activities and opportunities in your area and set yourself a challenge in an art activity of your choice. Attend and review shows or exhibitions. For more information and examples of work at this level, go to Arts Award U.K.

Below you can read about the Silver Arts Award in greater detail.

Unit 1 – Arts Practice

Parts A & B: Arts Challenge: A challenge you have set yourself in your chosen art form. This should take you about an hour a week for three months, or if working more intensively, on a short course for example, about 12 hours. This can be in any area of the arts where you can develop your existing abilities in an art form that you are already familiar with or participate in a new art form. You can choose any art form for your challenge, as diverse as stone carving to street dancing. You will need to plan, implement and review your achievements. This will form part of your final portfolio.

Parts C & D:  Arts Practice and Pathways: You will attend arts events and carry out research whether in your chosen art form or something different.   You will review them and share your opinions with others in your chosen format for example; written, or audio or on a blog.

You will also find out about arts activities in your area and beyond by getting involved, or by interviewing people. Research arts training opportunities and jobs, to help you decide what you can do in the future. You can meet, work alongside, interview artists/art organisations for your research and think about what steps you could take next to develop your skills in the future. You can choose your preferred format to present your research in, perhaps as a power point presentation, or a booklet, or a video recording. This will be included in your portfolio as evidence for your arts award.

Unit 2 – Supervised Arts Leadership

Unit 2 – Arts Leadership You will plan, deliver and evaluate an art project  or lead regular arts sessions. This unit is all about leadership with supervision, and could include organising an event as part of a team, running clubs or workshops, a single event such as a gig, an exhibition or a one-day workshop or passing on skills to others.

The Supervised Arts Leadership unit consists of providing evidence (again presented in your portfolio in your chosen format) for the following 3 parts:

Planning your arts project: Prepare your arts leadership project by working out its purpose, and taking care of practical issues.

Delivering your project: Deliver your project, showing effective leadership and an ability to work with others.

Reviewing your project & obtain feedback from others: Collect feedback, and review the project with input from audience and participants.

Role of your Arts Adviser

Our Arts Adviser will help you to plan and organise your work, guiding you through each unit and helping you to access what you need to complete these units successfully and guide you in presentation of your completed portfolio of work, which she will then assess upon completion and submit for moderation.


Assessment is through the evidence (shown in your portfolio) that you have completed each part of the 2 units of the Silver Arts Award successfully. She will also be looking for specific examples of the following:

– your artform knowledge and understanding

– your creativity

– your ability to plan and review

-your ability to communicate


Your portfolio contains all the evidence that you have completed each part of the Silver Arts Award. You will record your work whilst you accomplish each part of each unit, providing evidence of  planning, processes and experiences  and your reflections upon these.

When completed, this will become your Silver Arts Award Portfolio of Work. What is exciting about your portfolio of work is that it can be in any format. This means that it could be in the form of a blog, or a film, or it could be photographic, or audio, or a scrapbook, or a series of montaged/collaged display boards. It is up to you to choose the media that suits you and your work best. This portfolio will be assessed by your Arts Advisor which will then be submitted by her for moderation.


If you would like to do your Silver Arts Award with us please contact us here: contact us

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