Bronze Award

Bronze Arts Award

This is a Level 1 Award in the Arts

(Regulated Qualifications Framework)

There are 4 parts to the Bronze Arts Award;

Explore the Arts as a participant. Be the audience. Arts heroes and heroines. Arts apprenticeship.


There are no entrance requirements and no set time limit to complete this in. You can do the parts of the Arts Award in any order and through any arts activity. You are likely to spend around 40 guided working hours and around 20 independent learning hours.

What Do I Do?

Take part in an arts activity that you enjoy, go to an arts event, research your  arts hero/heroine and share your skills with others. With the support of your adviser you will plan your activities and keep a record of what you do in a portfolio, developed in your own personal style. This will show your progression in your chosen art form and how you have developed your skills.

For more information and examples of work at bronze level, go to Arts Award U.K.

Below you can read about the Bronze Arts Award in greater detail.

Part A: Explore the arts as a participant

You can develop your interest, knowledge and skills in a creative arts  activity through active participation. This could be an arts activity you enjoy – or try something for the first time.  For example you could take part in drawing or painting workshops, music workshops, shooting a film, editing a film.  You will record your progress in a form that you like. For example, through photographs, video, written report, blog…

Part B: Be The Audience

You attend one or more arts events. This could be something new and unusual – or you could go to something more familiar to you. For example, art exhibitions, gigs, performance art, theatre show, film, concert, comedy show, eisteddfods …You may go individually or with your arts award group. You will share your thoughts and feelings with others about the event you attend and record these in any way that you like. This could be in blog form, a written review or a film or audio recording for example.

Part C: Arts Heroes and Heroines

Research about someone in the arts who you admire or want to find out more about. They can be famous or unknown, alive or not. Again, you can present what you find out through the media of your choice. For example this could be a poster or collage, a slide presentation, or a mini-movie…

Part D: Arts Apprenticeship

Here you can either: 1: Assist an arts teacher or leader by leading a short task within the workshop or session or 2: Pass on your arts skills to others. This could be in the form of a talk with photographs or a demonstration for example. You could share a new arts skill or something that you have been doing for years.

Whichever type of Arts Apprenticeship you choose, you will provide the evidence of you doing this, why you chose this, and feedback of how it went from others & yourself in your portfolio.

Role of your Arts Adviser

Our Arts Adviser will talk through each part of the award with you and help you to plan and organise your work, she will discuss with you ways to present your completed portfolio of work and help you achieve this.

Once you have completed your Arts Award, she will go through your portfolio with you, checking that you have provided all the evidence for successful assessment of the award. She will then assess your portfolio and submit it for moderation.


Assessment is through the evidence (shown in your portfolio) that you have completed each of the 4 parts of the Bronze Arts Award successfully. She will also be looking for specific examples of the following to complete the assessment:

– your artform knowledge and understanding

– your creativity

-your ability to communicate


Your portfolio contains all the evidence that you have completed each part of the Bronze Arts Award. It is this portfolio that your advisor will assess and send off for moderation. With support from your Arts Adviser, you will record your work in your portfolio whilst you accomplish each part of the award. When completed, this will become your Bronze Arts Award Portfolio of Work.

What is exciting about your portfolio of work is that it can be in any format. This means that it could be in the form of a blog, or a film, or it could be photographic, or audio, or a scrapbook, or a series of montaged/collaged display boards,or a mixture of any of these. It is up to you to choose the media that suits you and your work best. This portfolio will be assessed by your Arts Adviser which will then be submitted by her for moderation.


If you would like to do your Bronze Arts Award with us please contact us here: contact us

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