About Us

Anita Kolaczynska is our permanent Arts Award Adviser, she mentors each student through their Arts Award journey and assesses their work before moderation. She works with a team of other specialist art practitioners who input their skills as needed, and networks with galleries, theatres and arts companies.

Anita brings her 25 years of art practice & teaching experience to her role as Arts Award Adviser. She has developed the skills of making her sessions fun, inspiring and informative, she is a great motivator and delights in students manifesting their potential.
Anita gained a joint B.A. degree from the University of Leeds in Fine Art (specialism painting) with Film, Dance and Theatre in 1987.

After this she worked in circus and theatre and exhibited her paintings and photography.
Anita gained a scholarship to study her postgraduate degree in Education (P.G.C.E.) Art & Design with Combined Arts at Brighton Polytechnic in 1991. She has taught in secondary and primary schools as well as early years settings, and has led numerous art workshops and summer schools for groups and individuals of all ages. She continues to write, paint and produce her own and collaborative multi-media work.

Anita believes that:

“Through the arts people are able to express their strongest feelings and beliefs, finding a voice to communicate previously unspoken qualities of life’s challenges and mysteries. Art brings people together through shared expression, giving time to that which there is often no time allowed for, to acknowledge the value and necessity of visioning, creating and making. Through creating Art self confidence is generated, laughter and friendships developed and the ability to think and make decisions independently increased. Artefacts are made which raise awareness, provoke thought, touch the spirit and inspire. Art brings people alive. ”

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