Create outside of the box

Welcome! This is where the fun starts. Why am I an artist? Because an artist creates worlds, defines worlds, explores worlds, expresses worlds, explodes worlds. An artist is an inventor, a witness, a memory keeper, a magician.

How? With paint, print, collage, pencils, photography, dance, film, poetry, music, writing, performance, circus, singing, speaking, sculpture, digital media, theatre, clay, fabric, multi-media, sculpture…

Arts Award

Now there is a nationally recognised qualification designed to fit around YOUR individuality, your unique interests, to develop your skills and aspirations to create the art that YOU envision.

There are five progressive levels of the award; Discover, Explore, Bronze, Silver and Gold. Each award develops your own arts practice and arts leadership skills. These practical awards result in a solid portfolio of work to showcase your artistry, with the Gold portfolio being at industry standard.

Anyone between the ages of 7 and 25 years of age are eligible to take the Arts Award.

Arts Awards are inclusive and suitable for all.  At oakwellbarns centre we specialise in mentoring students who are ‘outside the box’ whether they are educated outside of school, have special educational needs or for any other reason! We specialise in working with students remotely and offer skype and video conferencing for mentoring support long distance.

Art for All

Young Artists Groups for under 11 years, as we recognise the need to acknowledge and develop creativity and inventiveness in these young ages.

Elders Artists Groups for those wise men and women of our community who would like to express themselves through art.

Art Day Workshops for anyone and everyone, to learn new skills, have fun and meet others who enjoy creating.

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